Jim Vertrees

Jim Vertrees—2008

Jim Vertrees (Rosie)

367 Broadview Lane, Annapolis, MD 21401




3M Health Information Systems Inc., Clinical & Economic Research

12215 Plum Orchard Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20904


In 1967 I moved to San Francisco. Received a Ph.D. in economics from UC Berkeley, and taught there until I was recruited to reform the way that Medicare paid for hospital care. The system that I helped develop is still used and has, with my assistance, been copied by almost all of the countries in Eastern and Western Europe and is rapidly spreading to Asia.  

One of many nice things about working with people in other countries is you develop friends all around the world. Following my tenure with the US government, I had the privilege of working at Duke University on the development and application of fuzzy logic techniques. I started a company which was acquired by 3M (Scotch tape and Post-It notes)—where I work today.

My first wife died in 1996. I have remarried to a lovely woman from Bulgaria and (at this late stage in our lives) have a four year old daughter. We live in Annapolis, MD – on the Chesapeake Bay.

Jun 22, 2008 

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