Connie Karem


Connie Karem Albrecht—2013


Connie Karem Albrecht (Ken)

14303 Wakefield Place Louisville, KY 40245

Daytime 502-254-2807 Evening Cell 502-648-2648

Born and raised in Louisville, and still live here! After receiving under-graduate (Bachelors of Music) and graduate (Master of Arts in Teaching) degrees, I was married in 1970 to Ken Albrecht (Principle (French) horn in the Louisville Orchestra for 40 years). We had three children: Matt an engineer at UPS & married with two children, Emily—an engineer at GE & married with one child, and Charlotte, who is working on her PhD at the University of Minnesota and is about to graduate. It’s been great to witness first hand how Louisville has grown to attract so many young professionals, including our own children. Staying in Louisville also allowed both Ken and myself to be with and help our elderly parents until the end of their lives, which most people in such a mobile society do not get to do. I am happy to still be working at the job that helped provide for all three of our children’s educations: Real Estate. I am with Carol Luthi Associates in St. Matthews, and I have worked Louisville and the surrounding areas for the past 21 years. It has been very rewarding in many ways. We have done some traveling abroad, and hope to do much more. We are planning to travel to Venice and Rome in April of this year.


Seneca High School—Class of '63