Myles Lee Scott


312 Norvelle Rd.

Pendleton, KY 40055


After Seneca, I attended U of L, joined the USAF, where it was discovered I had a knack for electronics. I spend almost 4 years maintaining nuclear weapons. I married a Seneca grad from the ’67 class, worked in the high performance auto industry and lived in Jeffersontown. Then Janice & I went our separate ways. 

Pam and I met while we worked at Bechtel Equipment. We attended the 20th Seneca 1963 reunion together. Pam & I married in 1983 and will celebrate our 30th anniversary this September. We bought some acreage in Trimble County and started building a log house. Except for the concrete & plumbing, we did most of the work ourselves. When we were about 80 percent finished, I took an assignment with Bechtel in Saudi Arabia, working on an International Airport. I came home 6 months later and Pam had hired a contractor to finish the house. I specialized in Materials Management, Equipment Support, Procurement and Logistics. Later I worked all over the US as well as Sumbawa, Indonesia building a gold mine, Santiago, Chile on a desalinized water plant, Kuwait & Baghdad, Iraq supporting the US military after the 2nd Gulf war. I finished my career working on a coal fired power plant in Pretoria, South Africa. SA is a beautiful country which reminds me of the US geographically. It has great weather and many fine golf courses… I’m a hacker. I’m told I have a “baseball swing!”

I played softball with Hank & Jim Swart after high school and remained competitive into my 60’s. I last played on an US Army team in Iraq, playing 1st base, after my outfield wheels fell off.

Pam & I raised llamas, cows and horses for many years but only a few horses remain. We love the quiet & beauty of the country side.

I retired in 2011. I told Pam I wanted an old car to take me back to my true love… cars. We found a 1955 Chevrolet which I enjoy caring for and making improvements, and enjoy cruising & auto shows with new made friends. I’m looking for a 30’s or 40’s Chevy pickup for my next project. We maintain our little piece of heaven, still enjoy U of L football tailgating, basketball and baseball (what a tremendous year for U of L sports).

Seneca High School—Class of '63