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Leslie Henderson Sheehan—2013


Leslie Henderson Sheehan

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I graduated from Mary Baldwin College in 1967 with a major in Spanish and Art History. Later I went to U of L and took alot of art courses, and received a degree in Interior Design. In 2001, I went to New York University and obtained a certificate in Appraisal Studies. I currently have my own appraisal business, though I am taking a break from it to paint and work on a book about a pilgrimage, backpacking trip I took on the Camino de Santiago, in Spain.

Currently, my passions are painting, contemporary art, and travel; and seeing my adult kids. My daughter is an archaeologist, who sometimes lets me visit her when she is working on a Mayan site in Central America. She sort of lives my "unlived life." Jun 8, 2008

July, 2013—Currently, I am involved with spreading the word about Climate Change.  I belong to 350.org, an environmental group. After walking the "Camino de Santiago de Compostela" I decided to use my feet to do my part for the environment. I have participated in several walks in the past few years,

and will walk from Harper's Ferry to DC beginning on July 22.  We will walk into DC on the 26th and participate in a Climate Change Rally in front of the White House on July 27.  In February we had 40,000 people at a gathering there. Luckily for me, I have a son in DC I can visit.  My daughter lives in Brooklyn so I can head up the coast to visit her.

Seneca High School—Class of '63                     http://www.senecaclassof63.com