Peachie Schulman

Photo-Jul, 2013


Peachie Schulman Kolumbus (Amiram) 

Anatot  3,  D.N. Mizrach BinyaminAlmon 

90620 Israel


(Jun 2008) After  graduation I got a B.A. degree in speech pathology (1967) from Indiana University and an M.A. in early childhood education (1969). I recently got another M.A. in Jewish  Art (2006).

Since 1975 I've been  living in Israel with my wonderful husband, Ami. We live near Jerusalem in the village of Anatot, home of Jeremiah, the prophet. We have one son, Micha.

All these years I've worked in early  childhood, either teaching, lecturing or advising, including 5 years as advisor  on early childhood education for the Golan Heights, when we lived there.

In addition to my usual work, I travel around the country working with immigrants from Ethiopia, who have young children. I have written two handbooks for kindergarten teachers. The first, for teachers in developing countries, was translated into seven languages. The second is for teachers of Jewish kindergartens in Russia. I have taught courses in Thailand, the Philippines and Russia,mostly for the Cooperative Division of the Foreign Ministry.

Seneca High School—Class of '63