Mona Solinsky



7003 Ridge Run Circle,

Prospect, Ky  40059

502-228-6662 or 855-1196

After graduation from Seneca, I married an Atherton grad, (big mistake) and then began a family. Together we produced a really good son, Jeffrey. He is a published book author who focuses on leadership and creativity. He clearly gets his brains from my side—the Seneca sideof the family.

 Along my journey, these past fifty years, I have had some pretty cool adventures, such as:

I was City Manager of Greyhound Bus Lines for nine years in Tampa. After nine years with them, I did a 360 and left Tampa for Ormond Beach where I, opened an upscale ladies boutique, "Mona's, of Course," and I eventually sold. Next...

I returned to Louisville, six years later, to help my sister care for our gravely ill mother. Prior to her passing she gave me some really good advice "Go to College"! When mother spoke, Mona listened…and I am forever grateful for her wisdom.

I began classes at the University of Louisville, at 45 years old! (Talk about nerve-wrecking...). However, I am really stubborn, and pursued my classes doggedly. Fast forward four years. I graduated Magna Cum Laude, and don't laugh, but at 49 I ran for, and became U of L's oldest Homecoming Queen. After undergaduate, I went on to get my Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.), also as Magna Cum Laude. 

Today, I spend most of my time tutoring and mentoring special needs children around the greater Louisville area. Watching them learn and grow into young adults makes me very proud. When I'm not teaching I'm either hanging out with my wonderful sister, JoAnne; playing with the love of my life, Cayenne, the most gorgeous red-haired toy poodle you've ever seen; or I'm exercising and doing lots of Zumba. 

I look forward for our class reunion, as it will be my first...and hopefully not my last! 

Seneca High School—Class of '63