Barbara Carter

Barbara Carter Paddock—2008

Barbara Carter Paddock

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After graduating from UK, I worked briefly in Manhattan, traveled, and generally got the wanderlust out of my system. Returning to Louisville, John and I married and had two daughters. It may seem like a mundane existence, but it is one of extraordinary good fortune. My daughters, who are now grown women, have been my joy. Courtney, 31, lives in Stamford, CT and is with the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium. Her husband, Mark Keenan, an Irish lad she met during a year in Australia, is with Sothebys. Carrie, 27, based in Nashville, TN, works all over the country in television production. Both are graduates of Vanderbilt. With an empty nest and 2 knee replacements, the globe-trotting has resumed......high-lighted last year by zip-lining over the rainforest in Costa Rica. I'm also getting back into competitive duplicate bridge, and to show just how much time I do have on my hands, I'm addicted to Sudoku.

Jun 8, 2008

Seneca High School—Class of '63