Sally Chase

Sally Chase Kitchen—2008

Sally Chase Kitchen (Allan, deceased)

15 Palmo Way, Novato, CA 94945


(Jul 20, 2008) After graduating from Ohio State, I moved to Chicago and met my husband. We subsequently moved to the San Francisco Bay area where I have spent my adult life.

I retired in 2003 after 35 years working for the Federal Government at Social Security and Medicare.

My children, Lisa (31) and David (29) are both married but no grandchildren yet. My friends from Seneca, Sally Rosenbaum, Marsha Perelmutter, Sheila Platoff, and Rita Meyer were here in California for my children’s weddings! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!

(Jul 2013) Since my retirement, I have been lucky enough to travel the world, going to places I never dreamed I would be able to go----Africa, China, most of Europe, Canada and of course the United States. I have a new granddaughter, Allison born to my daughter Lisa and son-in-law Franco on March 19 of this year and I am expecting another granddaughter on or about October 1 to be born to my son David and his wife, Ana. My big trip this year is to South America ---including Brazil and Argentina with a cruise down the Amazon!!! I am so thankful for having such fabulous experiences and my wonderful family and friends. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!! I loved the last one. Thanks to those who have worked so hard to put it together!! Sally Chase Kitchen

Seneca High School—Class of '63