Ken Silverstein



Kenneth H. Silverstein

PO Box 220818

Hollywood, FL 33022-0818

954-647-1155 (c)

(Jul '08) After graduation I did my part to support most of the higher education institutions around Kentucky including University of Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, University of Louisville, and Bellarmine College.

While at U of L, I ran with an interesting crowd for a short time, one of whom was a journalism major and at the time was a friend with author Hunter S. Thompson; whom at the time was a young writer researching for the book "Hell's Angels On Wheels."

After other various interesting jobs around Louisville, I was living and had a job based out of Chicago, which lasted a year. After becoming fed up with the Chicago winter and what was called "The Hawk" (the lake wind that went right through you!), my calling to sunny Florida became a reality due to family illness and the insistence of relatives to move to Hollywood, Florida.

Starting my Real Estate career in 1969 via the Savings and Loan/Banking business I learned the art of Real Estate appraisal. At the same time, I was learning real estate brokerage, management and development.

Spending many years with several institutions, I worked until 1994 with California Federal S & L-Southeast Division based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as Vice President of commercial real estate appraisal. At this time of major bank mergers my decision was made to go fulltime into the family 60±-year-old Real Estate business in Hollywood, Florida.

I joined the International Federation of Realtors (FIABBCI) back then and each year traveled to a different foreign country to meet and learn how Brokers around the world deal in real estate.

Since the recent passing of my uncle, the founder of the business, I have assumed the position of principal Realtor/licensed Real Estate Broker.

(Jul '13) I'm retired now, but still have active Realtor/Real Estate Broker license, managing rental property and waiting to do nothing but travel!!!

Seneca High School—Class of '63