Scott White

Scott White—1963

Please convey to  the entire committee my thanks and praise for the reunion. Everything was  done perfectly. The food and drinks were delicious. The website is  great. The booklet is priceless. I can't think of what you all could have done better.

I was talking to Lawrence Branch as I  was leaving and he said that all you all had to do now was figure out how to top  this one with the 50th. I told him and I would like you to tell the whole committee don't do anything differently. All people want to do is eat,  drink, yak, and listen to music.

My wife, Lyndey also  enjoyed herself. She even met some Waggener grads in the crowd.

Thanks again for your perseverance and whatever else it took to pull this off. And a special thanks to Brenda Townes the non-chairperson.

Scott White

Snellville, GA.

August 18, 2008

Seneca High School—Class of '63