Melvin Muir

Melvin Muir - 2013


Melvin Muir

9505 Slayton Ct.

Louisville, KY 40229

502-968-0039 - H

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(Web Dude's note: Melvin contacted me and as he doesn't have a computer, he related the events of his life to me and I wrote this for him. FYI, Melvin is 1 year and 14 days older than his sister Judy. He had Rheumatic Heart disease after his first grade year and missed a whole year. He started school again when Judy was in the second grade.)

After high school I worked for GE for two years. Then I attended United Electronics Institute and after two years received a degree in electronics. 

Shortly thereafter Uncle Sam contacted me and I decided I wasn't going to dig foxholes so I enlisted in the Navy. I was in the Seabees - a mobile construction battalion. I had a month of survival training and then in October or November of 1966, after 8 weeks of military infantry training, I received orders to go to Vietnam. I stayed on active duty in the navy for six years and 3 months. After I was discharged I joined the Naval Reserves and retired from there in July, 1972.

After discharge from the navy, I worked at Ford Motor Company from 1972 or '73 until 1985, when my father asked me to join him in his well drilling business in Palm Harbor, Florida which is just north of Clearwater. It was not a good decision. My father sold the business in 1990, and I moved back to Kentucky.

Soon after, I received my commercial trucking license from the Bowling Green Commercial Driving school and was a cross country truck driver until I retired in 2009.

I never married although I dated our classmate Anita Lane for a while. I lost track of her and would like to find her.

Seneca High School—Class of '63