Linda Mack

Linda Mack, 2013


Linda Mack Howe (Richard)

3214 Woodcrest Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78209


After completing my BA in English at Emory University in Atlanta and my MA in English at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Dick  and I married in 1968. I was the administrative assistant to the Juvenile Court Judge in Madison where Beth was born.  In 1970, we moved to Chicago where Kathy was born, and then in 1972 to Bloomington, Indiana.  Dick's career as a university professor in the fields of Environmental Studies, Urban Planning, and Engineering at SIU Carbondale, Indiana University at Bloomington, and the University of Texas at San Antonio has created significant and meaningful commitments to education and the growth of San Antonio which we have shared. 

In 1976 we moved to San Antonio, Texas where I taught English at UTSA for nine years, and taught middle school English for seven years. During that time, I completed my second MA in Education and my LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) license.  For two summers, I also was a volunteer Camp Director for Kids with Individual Differences, a Girl Scout summer residential camp which started the first camp for autistic children in Texas.  KIDS Camp also served children with mental retardation.  That camp transitioned to the Children’s Association for Maximum Potential for whom I was a volunteer and board member for nine years.  In 1996, I found the career I had planned since my days at Emory: being a high school guidance counselor. Since 1996, I have been a high school guidance counselor at a large, diverse urban high school Roosevelt High School whose ethnic and socioeconomic population reflects the demographics of the state of Texas.  During these seventeen years, I have helped develop a magnet program within Roosevelt called the  Engineering and Technologies Academy for whom I am the counselor.  ETA now has over 350 students who want to be engineers, architects, scientists, and students in information technology.  It continues to be very rewarding to work to help all students whom I serve to develop new paradigms for themselves.  

We have two wonderful daughters and five fine grandchildren. Beth (Stanford BS, MS Engineering) is an executive with Hewlett Packard.  She and her three children and Scott Richardson, her husband, live in Sunnyvale, CA. Kathy (MIT BS Biology, U Mass., MA) has been a biology teacher, museum science coordinator and mentor teacher.  She and her two children and John Lilly, her husband, live in Palo Alto, CA. Dick and I spend as much time as my counseling career allows visiting with them in California.

I have developed a love for organic gardening and since 1976 I have been working to develop our own organic garden here.  I am committed to counseling my students at Roosevelt, to our children and grandchildren, and to my organic gardening. Life continues to be very good.

Seneca High School—Class of '63