Comments From our Classmates


  • A very good time was had by all.  We lucked out weather wise. (Leon Wahba)

  • It was great fun seeing everyone on Saturday night. (Susan Armbruster Mullen)

  • I can say that the Reunion was just a colossal success. Golf on Friday was well orchestrated by Tommy Hampton. The Bridge Walk was a lot of fun and organized by you. And of course, the Dinner at Captains Quarters was superb. Great food, great setting and great attendees….A special thanks to all the  committee members for “pulling it off” in grand fashion. (Bruce Dalrymple) 

  • The reunion was located at such a picturesque setting. The weather was terrific and the food delicious. I thought we had a great turnout and we had a nice time. A big “thank you “ to all the committee and their hard work! (Shirley Jolly Mohon)

  • We had a  great time and loved talking to people. I certainly appreciated all the work done by the committee to pull off a great evening for all of us! (Dottie Kaufman Davda)

  • Sorry I could not attend. But the photos and comments were helpful.  It's always good to see how we have all aged. Some better than others. Thanks for busting your butt to organize these things. I hope to see you at the 60th. (Scott White)

  • Thanks again for all you and others did to make our 55th one to remember. My wife & I think this may have been the best, and she is never wrong. (Harold “Sonny” Hall)

  • From the comments, the 55 reunion must have been a great success. Kudos to all the organizers.(Linda Cecil Davis)

  • Thanks, Harry, for all you do, and thanks to the whole committee. (Sharon Lott Ongaro)

  • Hi Harry, You are a wonder, putting a couple hundred spread-out people in touch and instilling warm feelings about our long-time connections to each other, as well as organizing the reunion plans. I really enjoyed Saturday evening and everyone else did too….Like many of our classmates we have known each other forever - elementary school age at least - and you seem more full of energy and smiles than ever.…So many memories….Many many thanks. Maybe the class should gather again sooner than 5 years. (Terrie Gale)

  • I had a fabulous time. It was absolutely wonderful. So I look forward to the 60th reunion, "God willing and the Crik don't rise.” (Brenda Seebold Fort) 

  • Both Edward and I enjoyed the reunion and hope that there will be one for the 60th. We hope we will all be alive then, too. Thank you for your efforts in keeping the classes informed and updated and your service on the committee as well. (Roanete Naamani) 

  • Dear Harry, I am sure the reunion was wonderful and everyone had a good time. I am glad to get that confirmation.…We are all grateful to you and the planning committee for all the work you put into planning everything and keeping everyone in touch with everyone.…Thank you for helping me contact Mr. Stickler. I will try to get in touch with him.…Thank you for helping us be in communication with each other. It is especially important to those like myself who live in other states.…See you in five years but I do hope to stay in touch in the meantime. (Linda Mack Howe) 
Seneca High School—Class of '63