Jean Scott

Jean Scott and family—2008

Jean Scott

11124 Vista Greens Drive, Louisville, KY 40241


Occupation/s, Career: Accounting Field, Jewelry Artist Biography: 

Okedookee, here we go: Places I have lived...Louisville, Ky., Valley City, IN (population 27), San Diego, Ca…(that was my favorite place). I lived 3 blocks from the beach, and sold my jewelry from the trunk of my car at the beach. (Did pretty good too!) I was a computer operator at a packaging  Co. while I lived there. I have been in 37 states, Mexico and Canada….(I would love to hit the other 11 states, not Hawaii, unless I swim, I hate to fly) but, alas I don’t see that happening, at this point. Married 3 times, all my kids were by 1st., 2nd  passed away, 3rd was a self centered, very jealous musician, bye, bye to him. My hobbies are many. I make jewelry (I had a bead shop for a couple of years in the early 90’s). Sometimes I teach a jewelry making class. I taught jewelry making in the Seneca Adult Education night classes for a couple of years. I own an online shop, where I sell my jewelry, and vintage and new jewelry and craft supplies. Painting pictures, and OLDIES MUSIC…OLDIES ROCKKKKKK!

Jean died April 25, 2011

Jun 9, 2008

Seneca High School—Class of '63