Harriette Parris



Harriette Parris Schuler

1816 Yale Drive, Louisville, KY 40205.


After graduating from U of L, my best friend and I backpacked through Europe for the next two years working some very "odd jobs" along the way. With several friends we met while working in Munich, we saved enough to purchase a fishing trawler turned sailboat and sailed down the Dalmatian coast for several months managing to survive the stormy season and making some incredible memories.

Returning to Kentucky, I married that same best friend and bought a farm in Henry County where John and I raised our two daughters, commuting to Louisville to support our "country hippie" lifestyle. Thirty years later we moved back to Louisville and in October of 2012 became grandparents for the first time, prompting my recent retirement from the banking world. Life is good!

Seneca High School—Class of '63                     http://www.senecaclassof63.com