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Mickey Caller Baron—2008

Mickey Caller Baron (Gerald)

 11904 Reading Room Road, Prospect, KY 40059



I started school at Michigan State and left to backpack in Europe and the Middle East for a year. I returned and attended Physical Therapy school, graduating in 1969 and have specialized in working with children and currently work as a consultant for the Oldham County School system, Home of the Innocents, Hospice and Seven Counties Services.

In 1970, I married Gerald Baron, an Architect and we raised 4 girls: twins (Leigh and Kerry), Mitzi, and Jamie. We are fortunate to have 8 grandchildren, 6 living in Atlanta and 2 (twin boy and girl) living in Washington, D.C.

I still love to play tennis and basketball and am an avid sports fan. I love to travel and recently visited China, Australia, New Zealand and Alaska.

I moved to Louisville in my Junior year of high school and remember that I dreaded coming to a new school from my small school in Mississippi. I was made to feel right at home at Seneca and still have fond memories of my time in Louisville. I still pronounce it “Louisville.”

Jul 30, 2008

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