Shirley Speier Yussman Kaplan

Shirley Speier, 2013


Shirley Speier Kaplan   Bob Kaplan

12913 Chad St.

Louisville, KY 40299


(May '13) I have lived a wonderful life as a Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Daughter, and Teacher.

So many hats to wear and they all fit just right.

I am married to a great guy, have a wonderful daughter and son-in-law, an awesome son and daughter-in-law, and the best (naturally) 31/2 grandchildren.

We travel and spend a lot of time with our family.

On the professional side, I earned a bachelors degree in education from The University of Kentucky and a Masters degree from the University of Louisville.

I have served on several board of directors in the community and do volunteer work at University Hospital and Actor's Theater.

I have taught for 40 years. I can truly say that I loved working with my students everyday and watching them succeed on a daily basis.

I have recently retired and find that I do retirement really well with so much to do and never being bored. I am so looking forward to the next phase of my life.

Seneca High School—Class of '63