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Brenda Igo Townes—2013


Brenda Igo Townes (Wavey)

542 Garden Drive Louisville, KY 40206


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I  was a pre-med major in college, but back in the sixties women were rarely accepted to medical school if they were married. Wave (Wavey) Townes (Seneca-class of '62) and I had started dating  again, first dating back in the Seneca years, and I did not apply to medical  school but married in the summer of 1967. I finished a masters while he went to  law school. I taught for a few  years before our daughter and later our son were born.

Running became a real passion for me in  the 70’s, and after running a marathon in 1982, which was something I thought I could never do, I began to think—could I still go to medical school? I bought the MCAT book and studied  secretly for a year before I had the confidence to announce my decision to apply  to medical school. As our daughter  put it, our whole family then went to medical school. Certainly, without their support, particularly Wave’s, I could not have done that. I’ve been in  practice 16 years now and love it.

Our daughter, Courtney, is a lawyer, married to a lawyer and they have  three children (ages 8, 6 and 4). Our son, Will, has just finished his masters in architecture. Wave and I enjoy traveling, gardening, and hiking, and I still run every day (at least I call it that).

Jun 8, 200

June, 2013 update


Our son, Will, was married to Catarina Passidomo of Naples, FL last fall. She is finishing her PhD in geography at U. of GA. Will has recently accepted a job with an architectural firm in Greenville, SC. Our daughter, Courtney has recently started practicing law again, this time with Wave.  She is married to Brian Good, also a lawyer and their children are now 9, 11, and 13. Wave and I still work, travel, enjoy hiking and running.

Seneca High School—Class of '63