Chuck Dobelstein


Chuck Dobelstein

1720 Southlake Dr.

Louisville, KY 40223


I graduated from UL. Have been married to Mary Lou for almost 45 years. We have 3 sons and 5 wonderful grands!!!

Have lived in Louisville most of the time with a five year stint in Atlanta.

My work career has been spent in the underground mining and tunneling equipment business. This has taken me to some interesting (and strange) places in the world. There have been some innovative things on my resume that would only be interesting to those people that work underground. That probably leaves out most Seneca grads. I still workbut don’t travel as much. Will probably stay at it a few more years—it’s still fun and keeps the brain working.

Travel, like the others in our class, is great. I started running just before I turned 40 and have completed 9 marathons and a bunch of minis. I still run most every day but the personal best times are now personal worsts. I play a lot of golf. My 3 sons and I played in the Streetball Showdown downtown a few years ago. We finished 2nd in our division—60+ year old men should not play streetball!!!

We have visited a bunch of wine regions but have concluded that I can’t afford to drink the wine I like but I can afford to drink the beer I like, so craft beer it is.

We are involved with mission work through our church. Right now our emphasis is on the South Sudanese people and a local Kids Against Hunger chapter. Very rewarding.

Many blessings and lots of joy and peace in my life.

Seneca High School—Class of '63