Bobbie Evans


Bobbie Evans Fritton (Vance)

7204 Shefford Lane, Louisville, KY 40242


(Jun 17, 2008) Vance and I were "high school sweethearts." This year we have been married 40 years.

Our daughter, Amy was born in 1972. Our son, Alex, was born 5/5/77, exactly 17 years after we started going steady—the first time.

Unlike the national average, we have lived in only 3 homes. Currently 22 years in the same home. 

We have been self-employed since 1982—first with a bicycle/moped/hobby shop. The last 21 years we have had a hardware store--Vance's True Value (a little plug there) currently here in Prospect.

We have 4 granddaughters. Two are "inherited" through marriage and Amy & her husband have identical twin girls what are 2-1/2--ask me, I have pictures.

(July 17, 2013 )In the past 5 years, we have had quite a few changes in our lives. December 2010 we sold our hardware store and "retired".  Vance was retired for all of 2 months and was hired at Lowe's and since has been promoted to Manager of the Hardware Dept.  I worked for about 1-1/2 yrs. at a Hallmark shop and then discovered that a new hardware store was to open here in St. Matthews.  Well, couldn't resist and was hired in June of this year.  Am happy to be back in hardware.  Our children and granddaughters are all doing fine--girls are now 23, almost 14 and the twins are 7-1/2.  Life is busy, but manage to vacation in Hilton Head a couple of weeks a year. See you at the 50th (how can this be?)

Seneca High School—Class of '63