Harry Jacobson-Beyer (nee Jacobson)

Ken and Harry

photo by Joyce Baker

Joyce Baker

photo by Harry Jacobson-Beyer

As I've said other places on this web page, in my opinion, the reunion was fantastic. It was great seeing classmates I was friends with in high school and whom I haven't seen since. 

Over the years I've maintained friendships with Stuart Robenson (Louisville) and Ken Silverstein (Florida).  From time to time I've also seen around town Judy Rose, Marvin O'Koon, David Davis, and Bruce Kranz. (After seeing how much we all have changed I'm sure I've seen others of you around town but we didn't recognize one another.)

Ken Silverstein stayed at my house for the reunion—it was a joy to have him here and to catch up on old times.

But I have to confess, the best part of the reunion for me was making contact with and seeing Joyce Baker. Joyce and I were friends since 7th grade and she broke my heart when she got married right after high school, but I survived! :-)

When I joined the reunion committee in April I was given a list of classmates and their email addresses. I emailed Joyce and we began corresponding and catching up on each others lives. Thursday before the reunion Joyce came to my house and spent the afternoon and evening with Sherry (my wife), Ken, and me. It was a great day and we had a great time.

Sep 1, 2008

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