Joyce Baker


Joyce Baker

19 Silk Oaks Drive

Ormond By The Sea, FL 32176


(Jul '08) Marriage, children, and a career in real estate and antiquities came before my move to Miami and return to college in the early seventies. My continued education was interrupted again by the birth of identical triplet boys in 1979. I attended Florida International University, Miami, FL; UC Berkeley, CA; Melbourne Medical School, Victoria, Australia.

After undergrad and a stint of teaching hearing impaired and special needs children I returned to my alma mater’s grad division. Internship and residency in forensic chemistry and anthropology was done at the Dade County Medical Examiner Department where I stayed on (as a forensic anthropologist) after completion of my studies.

Miami had been home for more than half my life and it was a big change in mid 2003 to semi-retire to our beach home almost 400 miles to the north. Around this time, my husband, best friend, and long time partner, Thomas Murphy, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within months.

(Aug '13) I have four children and six grandchildren: Carole (Max, the very best son-in-law in the world)--Elizabeth, Ian and Noah; John (Kim, The very best daughter-in-law in the world)--Liam; Christopher and his wife have two beautiful princesses--Christi and Viviana. My son David is not married and has no children.

A new career in the Asian Martial Arts Film Industry could be in the future. Recently, I spent six weeks in Cardiac ICU and three more in a skilled nursing facility (rehab). My nephrologist and also my surgeon ( the prerequisite second opinion) told me that I had "dodged a bullet." If I can avoid a bullet, then slings, arrows and crouching tigers should a snap. I'll probably have to watch all the Matrix movies for pointers. 

I am retired from a job I enjoyed (recovering tissue and organs for transplant and research). I miss working but my life is full. For now, my goal is to regain my strength and stamina. There are still some things on my list that I have to do, but none that I wish I hadn't.

Seneca High School—Class of '63