Harry Jacobson-Beyer

I have been in contact with Peachie Schulman who was unable to attend the reunion as her husband is very ill. She asked me what my impressions of the reunion were and this is what I sent her.


The reunion was fantastic Peachie. I believe EVERYONE in attendance had a great time.

There were many people there who did not attend the 45th. Groves Cooke and David Blakley stand out. I enjoyed meeting them and their wives. Terrie Gale came as did Susan Armbruster. Brenda Seebold and her husband Laurens were there, too. I met Brenda Saturday afternoon and took her and Laurens to UofL so they could purchase UofL shirts for themselves and their children and
grandchildren. Brenda is as funny and witty as ever and so grounded. She is a high school principal and you can tell from talking with her that she is a GREAT principal.

The best part for me was getting to know Tom Hampton better through our work on the planning committee. We have become great friends. Another highlight was Jon Fleischaker. He has an amazing wit and can be very funny.

One of the great lessons of this reunion is most of us are not the same people we were in high school. We have grown and changed and become much more tolerable and tolerant. I think friendships have been forged that were not possible 50 years ago.

I don't know, but maybe it's me that's changed. I love my life and who I've become. I'm so lucky Peachie and so appreciative. I have a wonderful bride who brings me so much joy and happiness. And I tell her so every day.

People are beginning to send me photos from the reunion and I will be posting them this week.

You should know several people asked about you and you were missed. I will keep you and Ami in my thoughts and hope for the best for you both.

Stay strong.

With love,


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