Stefanie Spikell

Stefanie Spikell—2012

Stefanie Hope Spikell

205 Geary Court

Lincoln, CA 95648


After putting my hubby and myself through grad school (UK/UL), moved to  Bardstown, KY, where I lived for 8 years until my divorce. Five years later, moved to  Los Angeles, where my family had migrated. Built a career in Big4 consulting and later in marketing communications for major  engineering firms.

I left the  corporate world in 1998 and built my own business. I’m also an artist and spiritual counselor in a metaphysical, non-denominational church.  

Life has been good and I am in semi-retirement, looking forward to more travel.

Los Angeles is a vibrant and exciting community in which to live, but I admit that I miss the slower pace of Louisville—not to mention the lack of horrible traffic there!! I recently  went to a UofL alumni get together here in Los Angeles and met President James Ramsey. When he heard I graduated from Seneca in ’63, he said, “Gee, you were there in  its heyday! My mother was the math teacher.” Nearly blew me away. Of course we all remember Mrs. Ramsey! 

One daughter living in Chicago; two grandkids.

June 2012 Update:

I'm in a Del Web 55+ retirement community - the largest ever built with 6900 homes and nearly 12,000 people .It's like living in a resort with every imaginable retirement activity and I'm quite happy to be here. I have a brother and sister in Reno, about 1 1/2 hours from here.  We are just at the foot of the Sierra Mountains, about halfway between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.  Not a bad deal!!  I had been in LA for 25 years and while I don't miss the big city at all, I do miss being closer to the ocean.

June 2013 Update

Hello Harry,

Thank you for all you do to maintain the class web site!  It is great fun to follow folks.  Here is an update on me and a new photo.

2013 – Well, I’m still loving the lifestyle in my retirement community in northern California, near Sacramento.  Besides my sports activities (walking, pickleball – like tennis – and dance classes), I am a very active fiber and mixed media artist.  You can see some of my work at and at  In addition, since I’ve been a writer all my life, I have blog,    It’s so good to stay in touch via our reunion web site and kudos to Harry Jacobson for his dedication to the project!  I’ll likely not make it to the 50th, but I’ll surely be there in spirit.

Stefanie Spikell

Seneca High School—Class of '63